Mental Game

Mental Game

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Mental Game
  • Quick Tip - The Ten Percent

    We talk about this concept in passing all the time at Graves Golf, but today, we take a full dive into what it actually means. Most people would tell you that typical practice will still yield positive results, but studies have shown that this isn't so universally true. Practicing without an aim ...

  • Quick Tip - Mental Break

    It takes time and hard work to become skilled at something. That being said, all the motivation in the world can't offset mental fatigue. It never hurts to take a step back and recalibrate your brain, but what does that look like? Is there any particular way to go about it? Does it vary from pers...

  • Quick Tip - Good Shot Bad Shot

    Everybody has reactions to things. Unless you're a robot, your brain will supply a response to what is happening around you, be it good or bad. You can't turn your brain off, but you can train it. Managing your reaction is something that is possible, in a handful of different ways. Looking at the...

  • Quick Tip - Expectations

    Everybody has expectations. Be it life as a parent, how a day at work is going to go, how investments might turn out, etcetera. Having these is entirely normal, but did you know that having expectations can hold you back when it comes to your golf game? To be exact, we are specifically referring ...

  • Quick Tips - Controlling Your Thoughts - Featuring Paul Monahan

    In the game of golf, there are multiple aspects of the game that are important to put effort and practice into. Better long game for consistent straight drives, better course management to navigate tough courses, better short game to close out each hole, etcetera. There is one aspect of your game...

  • Quick Tip - Abundance

    In the game of golf, and in other competitive activities in life, it can be easy to take on a particular mentality, that being one of 'do or die.' Turns out, golf is a game, and though of course you should always be giving it your best, a bad round or a bad shot does not define you. Creating a te...

  • Quick Tip - First Tee Approach (Feat. Paul Monahan)

    When we picture fixing mentality problems in our golf game, we often look to a handful of different places. Nightmare scenarios in the rough, escaping a bunker, a tense putt to secure a personal best, etcetera. What many golfers miss, however, takes place before the first shot is even hit. Every ...

  • Quick Tip - Five Tool Player

    There is a saying baseball, that being the notion of a 'five tool player.' To put it simply, a five tool player is a player that is sound in all five main aspects of the game. That is to say, between hitting, fielding, pitching, running, and hitting for power, there is no weak point in their game...

  • Quick Tip - First Tee Jitters

    Do you get jitters on the first tee? Check out this Single Plane Tip with Tim Graves, PGA, about the reality of what's happening on the first tee, not what you think, and how to prepare for your round before you get to the first tee.

  • Quick Tip - Reactionary Golf

    When you are standing on the tee, are you reacting to what is happening on the golf course? Check out this weekly tip with Tim Graves, PGA, as he talks about how golf is a reactionary sport, what factors you can control and what you should react to during your round.

  • Online School Q&A—Inhale or Exhale in the Golf Swing (grip pressure)

    Graves Golf Co-founder Tim Graves, PGA answering the question if you should inhale on upswing, and exhale on the down swing.

  • Download the PDF—Carpe Diem: Seize the Day in your Single Plane Journey

    1.77 MB

    Single Plane golfer and Graves Golf Sports Performance Coach Paul Monahan gives inspiration for Single Plane Academy members in this article about the mental game. Paul is an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach working in the arena of human potential.

  • Moe Norman's Alert Attitude of Indifference—Preshot Routine Timing

    Tim Graves, PGA, and Paul Monahan, sports performance coach (ICF) gives a drill to help you execute golf shots and remove overthinking as you approach the ball in the Green Zone—or "go" zone. They discuss the common fault most golfers make as they address the ball, and compare it to Moe Norman's ...

  • One Swing Trigger for Rhythm

    Todd Graves gives this tip on what swing thoughts are helpful to start the swing without overthinking during the motion.

  • Avoid Swing Thoughts and Play Automatic Golf Like Moe Norman

    Todd Graves answers the common question of what he thinks about while playing a round of golf. He explains what Moe Norman called playing 'automatic' golf and avoiding complicated swing thoughts. After a clip of Moe Norman talking mental game, Todd gives insight into how he 'locks in' at address ...

  • Build a Process and Boost Confidence Over Short Putts

    Sports Performance Coach Paul Monahan gives this mental game tip about building a process over 3-foot putts to remove overthinking on the greens.