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Quick Tip - Good Shot Bad Shot

Mental Game • 5m 4s

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    Everybody has expectations. Be it life as a parent, how a day at work is going to go, how investments might turn out, etcetera. Having these is entirely normal, but did you know that having expectations can hold you back when it comes to your golf game? To be exact, we are specifically referring ...

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    In the game of golf, there are multiple aspects of the game that are important to put effort and practice into. Better long game for consistent straight drives, better course management to navigate tough courses, better short game to close out each hole, etcetera. There is one aspect of your game...

  • Quick Tip - Abundance

    In the game of golf, and in other competitive activities in life, it can be easy to take on a particular mentality, that being one of 'do or die.' Turns out, golf is a game, and though of course you should always be giving it your best, a bad round or a bad shot does not define you. Creating a te...