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Quick Tip - Grey Zone

Mental Game • 4m 55s

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    We talk about this concept in passing all the time at Graves Golf, but today, we take a full dive into what it actually means. Most people would tell you that typical practice will still yield positive results, but studies have shown that this isn't so universally true. Practicing without an aim ...

  • Quick Tip - Mental Break

    It takes time and hard work to become skilled at something. That being said, all the motivation in the world can't offset mental fatigue. It never hurts to take a step back and recalibrate your brain, but what does that look like? Is there any particular way to go about it? Does it vary from pers...

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    Everybody has reactions to things. Unless you're a robot, your brain will supply a response to what is happening around you, be it good or bad. You can't turn your brain off, but you can train it. Managing your reaction is something that is possible, in a handful of different ways. Looking at the...