Check out these Single Plane Tips & Drills about putting

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  • Quick Tip - One Simple Tool

    Sometimes, be it in golf or in everyday life, there can be a singular thing thats a game changer. Maybe it's a new tool for yard care, maybe it's finally making a repair on your home that has been needed for a long time, etcetera. The game changer we are talking today comes standard as a feature ...

  • Quick Tip - Alignment Markers

    There's a key saying when it comes to becoming skilled at anything, and it goes something along the lines of "Consistency is key." As such, creating consistency will improve your game, but how do you go about creating consistency in the first place? The answer, long story short, is creating syste...

  • Quick Tip - Adjustments

    Murphy's Law states that "What can go wrong will go wrong." Typically, the average golfer's training doesn't account for conditions that aren't ideal, so when a tough day rolls around, their scores skyrocket. Obviously, if your goal is to improve your golfing game, that isn't good. Thankfully, we...

  • Quick Tip - Which to Choose

    On this episode of Single Plane Quick Tips, we return to the Lock-n-Roll Q&A Series. The burning question this time around: Should you go for the arm-lock version of the putter, or the wrist-lock? Are there any advantages? Any drawbacks? Well, we can't get ahead of ourselves here, that'd ruin the...

  • Quick Tip - Square Shoulders

    Today, we dive into the fourth part of the Putting Faults and Fixes series of Quick Tips. It's time to discuss your shoulders, and why you should be keeping them square. Naturally, we have the help of our Lock-N-Roll putter for this one. If you're unfamiliar, this putter is the ultimate putter to...

  • Quick Tip - Square Face

    In the past few putting-based Quick Tips, we have covered common faults and fixes in your putting game. Today is another installment of that series. Today, we cover keeping the face square, and why it is so important to keeping your putting on point. Join Tim Graves, PGA, accompanied by the ideal...

  • Quick Tips - Hands Leading

    In our last Single Plane Quick Tip, we covered the importance of keeping your eyes over the ball when putting. Today, we take a look at the importance of keeping the hands leading, a key factor in assuring your stroke stays on the cleanest, most repeatable path possible. Join us as Tim Graves, PG...

  • Quick Tips - Eyes Over

    Putting is an art, any seasoned golfer will tell you that. However, there is a proper system meant to guide you through the process, our Single Plane Putting System. One of this system's core tenets is to get your eyes over the ball, to produce a smoother, straighter motion. Join Tim Graves, PGA,...

  • Quick Tip - Triple Track Success

    Time and time again, we tell you that you need to create any possible advantage for yourself. Triple Track is just that, a system that is perfectly legal to use in play, and creates a consistent form of feedback for your stroke. Join Tim Graves, PGA for today's Single Plane Quick Tip, where he wi...

  • Quick Tip - Shoulder Check

    Putting is close to fifty percent of your game, so listen up, this drill might change your entire game. One of the most common mistakes in the putting game is opening up the shoulders, which causes irregularities in club face angle, and stroke path. Tightening this part of the game up will take f...

  • Quick Tip - Putter Finish

    Did you know that shots within a hundred yards make up close to 75% of your scoring? Well, if that is the case, then why are you not making better use of those shots? The way to improve your scores is really simple. Master fundamentals, and it will become second nature. Join us as Tim Graves, PGA...

  • Quick Tip - Band-aids & Bricks

  • Quick Tip - Eyes Over

  • 4 Corner Putting Drill

    In this week's video, join Tim Graves, PGA and Single Plane Academy Director Brock Elmore, PGA to find a great drill to gamify your putting practice. This drill will teach you how to practice any slope on the green and how to assess yourself in the process.

  • Quick Tip - Long Putt- Manhole Drill

    Do you know how to visualize longer putts? Check out this drill with Graves Golf Co-Founder Tim Graves, PGA, as he does the Manhole Drill to work on longer putts from around the green.

  • Short Game POV Series—Putting Fundamentals

    Tim Graves, PGA, gives point-of-view training with the putter and shows details of the grip, showing the common faults and fixes of the grip on the putter. He explains why you need a non-release putter grip that's different from your release grip for a full swing. He shows how lead-hand low putte...

  • Practicing Putting on the Excalibur with Various Types of Putters

    Tim Graves, PGA, answers a commonly asked question about putting practice on the Excalibur with various types of putters, including the BioMech putter, wrist-lock putters, and broomstick or long putters. He gives you the common faults and fixes with each type of putter.

  • 3-6-9 Ladder Putting Drill

    Director of Single Plane Academy Brock Elmore demonstrates the 3-6-9 Ladder Putting Drill to gamify your practice and simulate on-course application.

  • Putting Speed Window Drill

    Director of Single Plane Academy & Certified Instructor Brock Elmore demonstrates a putting drill to dial in your speed control and leave putts within the 12-14 inch range past the hole.

  • Two Essential Putting Drills to Gamify your Practice

    Graves Golf Single Plane Schools Director, James Bell showing a few drills for putting.

  • Single Plane Putting System with Excalibur

    Tim Graves, PGA explaining the Excalibur Putting Trainer and how to use to become a better putter.