Check out these Single Plane Tips & Drills about putting

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  • Quick Tip - Band-aids & Bricks

  • Quick Tip - Eyes Over

  • 4 Corner Putting Drill

    In this week's video, join Tim Graves, PGA and Single Plane Academy Director Brock Elmore, PGA to find a great drill to gamify your putting practice. This drill will teach you how to practice any slope on the green and how to assess yourself in the process.

  • Quick Tip - Long Putt- Manhole Drill

    Do you know how to visualize longer putts? Check out this drill with Graves Golf Co-Founder Tim Graves, PGA, as he does the Manhole Drill to work on longer putts from around the green.

  • Short Game POV Series—Putting Fundamentals

    Tim Graves, PGA, gives point-of-view training with the putter and shows details of the grip, showing the common faults and fixes of the grip on the putter. He explains why you need a non-release putter grip that's different from your release grip for a full swing. He shows how lead-hand low putte...

  • Practicing Putting on the Excalibur with Various Types of Putters

    Tim Graves, PGA, answers a commonly asked question about putting practice on the Excalibur with various types of putters, including the BioMech putter, wrist-lock putters, and broomstick or long putters. He gives you the common faults and fixes with each type of putter.

  • 3-6-9 Ladder Putting Drill

    Director of Single Plane Academy Brock Elmore demonstrates the 3-6-9 Ladder Putting Drill to gamify your practice and simulate on-course application.

  • Putting Speed Window Drill

    Director of Single Plane Academy & Certified Instructor Brock Elmore demonstrates a putting drill to dial in your speed control and leave putts within the 12-14 inch range past the hole.

  • Two Essential Putting Drills to Gamify your Practice

    Graves Golf Single Plane Schools Director, James Bell showing a few drills for putting.

  • Single Plane Putting System with Excalibur

    Tim Graves, PGA explaining the Excalibur Putting Trainer and how to use to become a better putter.