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Quick Tip - Alignment Markers

Putting • 3m 35s

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    Murphy's Law states that "What can go wrong will go wrong." Typically, the average golfer's training doesn't account for conditions that aren't ideal, so when a tough day rolls around, their scores skyrocket. Obviously, if your goal is to improve your golfing game, that isn't good. Thankfully, we...

  • Quick Tip - Which to Choose

    On this episode of Single Plane Quick Tips, we return to the Lock-n-Roll Q&A Series. The burning question this time around: Should you go for the arm-lock version of the putter, or the wrist-lock? Are there any advantages? Any drawbacks? Well, we can't get ahead of ourselves here, that'd ruin the...

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    Today, we dive into the fourth part of the Putting Faults and Fixes series of Quick Tips. It's time to discuss your shoulders, and why you should be keeping them square. Naturally, we have the help of our Lock-N-Roll putter for this one. If you're unfamiliar, this putter is the ultimate putter to...