Coaching Events & Workshops

  • Chipping Workshop

    6 items

    Join us for our Chipping Workshop, where Tim Graves, PGA, will help you through drills and tools that will make your chipping game work for you and help you lower scores round after round!

  • Mid-Range Back to Basics Workshop

    Hit a great drive off the tee but then can't make it to the green? Or worse, top your next shot in front of your buddies with a long iron, hybrid, or fairway wood? Then this is the workshop for you! Check out our Mid-Range Back to Basics Workshop with Graves Golf Co-Founder Todd Graves!

  • Winter Scoring Workshop - Putting

    4 items

    Join us for a Winter Scoring Workshop, where Tim Graves, PGA, will help you through drills and tools that will make your winter fruitful, and help get you ready for lower scores once spring rolls around!

  • Driving For Distance Workshop

    9 items

    The driver is one of the most important clubs in your bag, so how do you ensure you get the most out of it? During this workshop with Graves Golf Co-Founder Todd Graves, he will take you through all parts of the driver and how to make sure you can hit it well to find more fairways off the tee.

  • The 10 Percent Show

    4 seasons

    Get in-depth Single Plane Full Swing and Short Game training geared toward more dedicated Single Plane Golfers "The 10 Percent". This live online training event is presented monthly to give Single Plane Academy Members private training with Master Instructors and receive more advanced coaching, p...

  • Plane Talk with Graves Golf

    3 seasons

    A live online training event offered monthly to the general public, giving Single Plane newcomers and all golfers game-improvement tips and the opportunity to engage in Q&A with certified Single Plane coaches.

  • Single Plane Online Homeschool

    5 items

    During the 2021 and 2022 Single Plane Homeschools, Tim Graves, PGA covered all aspects of the short game from putting, chipping, and pitching. Todd Graves discussed the Single Plane full swing breaking down the Moe Norman Single Plane model and getting detailed in the grip, address and positions ...

  • Winter Training Workshop

    14 items

    Tim Graves, PGA, demonstrates ways to train indoors with fundamentals and drills for the short game that also benefit your full swing—what he calls training Two Birds with One Stone

  • Single Plane Cause & Effect Workshop

    Discover the root cause of common swing faults with this in-depth training from Tim Graves, PGA, and Todd Graves. They pinpoint the most common reasons of inconsistency in the Single Plane Swing and Short Game.

    To receive personalized cause & effect analysis of your swing, become a member of th...

  • The Challenge with Tim Graves, PGA

  • Single Plane Deal Breakers Workshop

    4 items

    Todd Graves and Trent White take a deep dive into two critical parts of Moe Norman's Single Plane golf swing—address and transition—what Todd considers to be Moe’s "deal-breakers" for solid and consistent ball-striking. These "deal breakers" help you make an on-plane backswing and produce maximum...

  • Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop

    19 items

    Tim Graves, PGA, gives the ultimate training to help you boost your sand saves. Topics include:
    -Technique with Traditional Wedges and the Moe Norman Sandy Andy
    -Three Drills for the Bunker
    -Escaping Various Lies
    -Playing Off Slopes
    -Hitting Different Heights and Distances
    -Chunk and Run Shot