Winter Training Workshop

Winter Training Workshop

Tim Graves, PGA, demonstrates ways to train indoors with fundamentals and drills for the short game that also benefit your full swing—what he calls training Two Birds with One Stone

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Winter Training Workshop
  • What Is the Two Birds with One Stone?

    Tim Graves talks about how working on your short game indoors is directly related to your full swing. Our methodology is all related: Putting leads to Chipping which leads to Pitching which leads to the full swing. Ultimate indoor training.

  • How Everything Relates to the Model

    Tim Graves will talk in general terms to show how we can assess your putting stroke and how that affects your full swing. He will show how all the movements are the same or complimentary. We teach a model.

  • Training Aids & Visual Feedback

    How do I train my putting? How do I get feedback? Tim Graves will discuss training aids and how to get visual feedback.

  • Putting Fundamentals Related to Full Swing

    Tim will discuss putting fundamentals and how they are related to the full swing. What are our five fundamentals for putting? He will highlight those which are directly related to the full swing.

  • Putting Drills & Checkpoints

    How do I practice and what are the checkpoints for putting? Tim Graves will discuss putter fitting and why we recommend a face-balanced putter.

  • Chipping Fundamentals Related to Full Swing

    Tim Graves will discuss the Chipping fundamentals and highlight those which directly relate to the full swing. How is this setup slightly different from a Single Plane setup?

  • Chipping Drills & Checkpoints

    What are some of our indoor drills and my checkpoints for chipping? Tim Graves will show us and review again the chipping fundamentals.

  • Pitching Fundamentals Related to Full Swing

    Tim Graves will discuss Pitching fundamentals and how they are directly related to the full swing.

  • Pitching Toe-Up-Toe-Over Drill

    Now we are going to use the Toe up to Toe over drill with the ABT to bring the full swing motion into play. We will be using a single plane set up to focus on the bottom of the swing.

  • Review Putting Through Pitching

    Tim Graves will summarize the Two Birds with One Stone process.

  • Five-Ball Putting Challenge

    Tim Graves will issue the five-ball putting challenge. Try to make five in a row, hold your finish on all shots and check the checkpoints.

  • Hit-the-Finish Chipping Challenge

    Chipping Challenge. Hit all three checkpoints 10 times in a row. Can you do it?

  • Shoulder-to-Chin Pitching Challenge

    Pitching Challenge. Make a swing, make the trail shoulder hit your chin, hit all three checkpoints. Make 10 in a row.

  • Winter Training Workshop Q&A Session

    Tim Graves answers your questions during the follow-up Q&A session.