The 10 Percent Show

The 10 Percent Show

4 Seasons

Get in-depth Single Plane Full Swing and Short Game training geared toward more dedicated Single Plane Golfers "The 10 Percent". This live online training event is presented monthly to give Single Plane Academy Members private training with Master Instructors and receive more advanced coaching, plus stay in the loop on the latest exclusive benefits inside the Gold Membership.

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The 10 Percent Show
  • June 2021 - Hybrids & Fairway Woods

    Episode 6

    During the June 2021 10 Percent Show, Tim Graves, PGA covers how you should set up your bag with hybrids and fairway woods depending on carry distance of your 6/7 iron.

  • July 2021 - POV Series

    Episode 7

    Blade, Brock, Tim and Todd dive into the Swing from a different point of view.

    Todd talks about the driver and what he is seeing in his pre-shot routines. Green zone as he calls it shows how one walks into their golf shots.

    Tim then brings us over to the short game area and shows you what he ...

  • August 2021 - Advanced Q&A

    Episode 8

    During the August 2021 edition of The 10 Percent Show, Tim Graves, PGA and Brock Elmore answer questions from Gold Members about full swing, pitching, chipping and putting.

  • September 2021 - Maximize Your Wedge Game

    Episode 9

    Tim Graves, PGA, and James Bell cover how Jaws Full-Toe wedges can benefit your short game, and discuss factors of the wedge game, including:

    - Angle of attack
    - Spin
    - Shots from 100 yards and in
    - Raw face on your wedges

  • October 2021 - Indoor Winter Training Part 1

    Tim Graves, PGA, and Brock Elmore kick off the indoor training series to keep you in golf shape during the off-season. Tim covers putting drills with the Excalibur, and Brock goes over faults and fixes of Position 1 takeaway with the Single Plane Position Trainer. Brock provides flexibility routi...

  • November 2021 - Winter Training Part 2

    Episode 11

    In this Winter Training Series we dive into the backswing. Todd discusses in great detail position 1 and position 2 of the backswing and how they are crucial to downswing success. Todd uses the Single Plane Position trainer to help focus on the movements of the swing. Brock Elmore provides wrist ...

  • December 2021 - Annual Christmas Giveaway, Q&A plus On-Demand Launch

    Tim, Todd, Thomas, and the entire team celebrated Christmas in style with giveaways galore, full swing and short game Q&A, plus the launch of our Graves Golf On-Demand App.