Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop

Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop

Tim Graves, PGA, gives the ultimate training to help you boost your sand saves. Topics include:
-Technique with Traditional Wedges and the Moe Norman Sandy Andy
-Three Drills for the Bunker
-Escaping Various Lies
-Playing Off Slopes
-Hitting Different Heights and Distances
-Chunk and Run Shot
-Getting Out of Soft Sand and Hard Sand

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Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop
  • Welcome to the Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop

    Tim Graves, PGA kicks off our workshop discussing the content we will be covering using both the Moe Norman Sandy Andy and a traditional sand wedge.

  • Best Wedges

    Watch Tim Graves discuss the two recommended wedges to use from the sand. Should I use a forged type "traditional wedge" or the Sandy Andy? What specs should my traditional wedge have - shaft, head and grind.

  • The 3 'Gets'

    What are Tim's 3 "Gets?" How do I get it out of the bunker? How do I get it on the green? How do I get it close? Why are these "Gets" the rules we live by?

  • Three Drills

    Here are the three drills that are a must for a good bunker game. Drill number #1 - Get the sand out of the bunker. Drill #2 - Hit the line. Drill #3 - Create angle. Watch Tim Graves explain why these drills are so important.

  • The 'Get It Close' Technique

    Tim will discuss the bunker board and how we get the ball close to the hole. What techniques make the traditional wedge work so well.

  • Sandy Andy Wedge Technique

    Tim will use the Sandy Andy and the Short Game Alignment Trainer to produce effective bunker shots. What are the different techniques used by the Sandy Andy.

  • Hitting Different Heights

    Tim will show how to hit high and low shots out of the bunker. He will discuss moving the ball position to affect different shots.

  • Chunk & Run Shot

    Don't want to hit the ball high? Watch Tim play the "chunk and run". It's a low-running shot that has very little to no spin.

  • Hitting Different Distances

    Now we have the technique right and are getting out of the bunker. How do I hit the ball to different distances? Watch Tim Graves discuss our "multiple club approach" out of the bunkers.

  • Buried Lie in a Bunker

    Oh, the dreaded buried lie! How do we approach this shot? Watch Tim Graves, PGA discuss realistic expectations when faced with this shot.

  • Fried Egg Lie

    Breakfast anyone? Tim Graves shows how to play the "fried egg" lie. Play it like a normal bunker shot.

  • Bunker Uphill Slope Lie

    Tim Graves shows us how to play a shot when the ball is on an uphill slope.

  • Ball Below Feet

    What do I do now? The ball is below my feet. How do I play this shot? Knee or hip flex is important. Watch Tim Graves show you how.

  • Ball Above Feet

    Ball above my feet. How do I play this? Balance is the key. Watch Tim Graves show you how.

  • Downhill Slope

    Downhill slopes. Probably the toughest shot out of the bunker. Focus - get it out....don't hit the lip on the backswing.

  • Getting out of Soft Sand

    My bunker has really soft sand. How do I determine how to play this shot? Watch Tim Graves discuss playing out of soft sand.

  • Getting out of Hard Sand

    My greenskeeper hates me. My bunkers have hard sand. Is it just wet heavy sand or is it hardpan? Let Tim Graves show you how to approach this shot.

  • Bunker Play Review

    Tim Graves has a review of the past discussions. How do I create angles, what are my three "gets", my favorite drills, and how do I approach different conditions in the bunker.

  • Tim's Challenge

    Tim's challenge - gold members send in Bunker videos.