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Quick Tips - Shoulder Excercises

Golf Shape (Flexibility & Mobility) • 8m 54s

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  • Quick Tip - Glute Mobility

    Join us as Tim Graves, PGA discusses the importance of mobility in everyone's favorite muscle, the butt, and gives exercises to remedy your stiffness. Even if the weather is bad outside, indoor drills and exercises will assure a spring filled with better golf and lower scores!

  • Hamstring & Lower Back Flexibility

    Brock Elmore demonstrates flexibility routines to help you achieve the proper foundation, position, and sequence of the Single Plane Swing, Short Game and Putting

  • On-Course Flexibility for Speed & Dis...

    Tim Graves, PGA, demonstrates his on-course flexibility routine to stay loose and maximize speed and distance during a round. His drills include:

    —HIP/TORSO SEPARATION DRILL (hip flexor and arm stretch)
    —HANDLE PUSH-DOWN DRILL (shoulders and back stretch)
    —CROSS-LEG LEAN DRILL (hip flexor and ba...