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Quick tip - Wrist Mobility

Golf Shape (Flexibility & Mobility) • 6m 32s

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  • Quick Tip - Wrist Mobility 2

    So nice, we had to do it twice! Here comes part two of the wrist mobility series, and Tim Graves, PGA, is back with another exercise to keep those wrists loose for the winter time. Did you know that a major contributing factor to the speed and distance of your swing is actually centered in your w...

  • Quick Tip - Hand Speed Training

    This Valentine's Day, we feel the need, the need for speed. Hand speed training is really one of the most simple ways to improve your golf game, especially when looking to improve distance. Something light, something about average, then something (relatively) heavy. Swing 'em, get faster. Of cour...

  • Quick Tip - Wrist Flexibility

    The body, at its core, is a structure. Structures have weak points, or points that otherwise are critical to its integrity. To your golf swing, and obviously in your daily life as well, your wrists are this critical point. Wrist injuries are one of the most common career ending type of injuries i...