Product Training

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  • Feeling of Greatness Training Club

    3 videos

    To purchase a Feeling of Greatness Training Club, click here;

    As your hold on the club is the foundation of your golf swing, mastering your grip is a vital milestone on the “Path to Golf ...

  • Alignment & Ball Position Trainer (ABT)

    4 videos

    To purchase an Alignment & Ball Position Trainer, click here: (Members use your monthly promo code to save 25% off)

    Achieving the ideal ball position and alignment to the target is an import...

  • Single Plane Position Trainer

    3 videos

  • Excalibur Putting Trainer

    7 videos

    Very quickly after starting to use our Excalibur Indoor Putting Trainer, you will become a better putter. In fact, you will see positive results almost immediately.

    Using this simple training tool, again and again, will put you on the road to becoming a GREAT Putter…and help you quickly reduce u...

  • Perfect Impact Training Club

    3 videos

    “FIX YOUR IMPACT AND ADDRESS – with the Perfect Impact Training Club.”

    The Perfect Impact Training Club gives you visual feedback on whether you achieved the ideal club and shaft position at address. Then, as you practice, you will get instant kinesthetic feedback that you have the perfect shaft...

  • Short Game Impact Trainer

    5 videos

    To purchase the Short Game Impact Trainer, click here: (Members use your monthly promo code for 25% off)

    How Does The Short Game Impact Trainer Help You Fix The Two Most Common Faults of Chipping,...

  • H3 Putting Trainer

    8 videos

    To purchase an H3 Putting Trainer, click here:

    An amazing drive, a perfect approach – it’s your best hole of the day! And then you not only blow the easy birdie, but you also miss the comebacker for par.

    It’s not your fault. It’s the whole...

  • Sandy Andy

    2 videos

    Are you like Moe and not like the sand? Watch as Tim Graves, PGA demonstrates the Sandy Andy, Moe's go to club in the bunker, and shows you how easy it can be. Tame this wild part of your game. Get a Sandy Andy. Make the bunkers your friend.

  • Short Game Alignment Trainer

    3 videos

  • Leverage Bag

    3 videos

    To purchase a Leverage Bag, click here:

    Every student at EVERY Graves school trains with the Leverage Bag. It is that important of a tool to learn how to correctly produce speed and feel and ideal impact posit...

  • Throw-A-Hole

    5 videos

    Many times there aren’t enough holes cut into the practice greens to accommodate golfers, thus making short game training a hassle, especially when multiple golfers are hitting putts and chips to the same hole. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own hole every time you practice? Now you can with m...

  • Bunker Board

    1 video

    To purchase a Bunker Board, click here:

    The revolutionary brainchild of PGA Professional Tim Graves After years of requests, this iconic training aid can now be yours!

    It’s the first training aid of its kind...

  • Hand Speed Trainers

    3 videos

  • Swing Thing

    2 videos

    To purchase a Swing Thing, click here: (Members use your monthly promo code for 25% off)

    Using the Swing Thing for Warm Up- When most golfers warm up before practicing or a round, they do some rotations or stre...

  • SteadHead
    8 videos


    8 videos

    Developed by Single Plane Professional Golfer Reed Howard, the Stead Head solves this universal problem by leveraging your peripheral vision to self-monitor the movement of your head. This easy-to-use training aid clips on your hat or visor, and gives you the ability to see any turn or sway of yo...

  • Graves Golf Grips

    2 videos

    To purchase grips, click here: (Members use your monthly promo code to save 25% off)

    The Graves Golf grip is available for right and left-handed golfers (same grip for both, markings on each side), and can be built up to fit your specific hand size per ...