Feeling of Greatness Training Club

Feeling of Greatness Training Club

To purchase a Feeling of Greatness Training Club, click here; https://shop.gravesgolf.com/collections/full-swing-training-aids/products/feeling-of-greatness-training-club

As your hold on the club is the foundation of your golf swing, mastering your grip is a vital milestone on the “Path to Golf Improvement”. As described below, the benefits of the Feeling of Greatness™ Training Grip & Club are numerous:

- Shape and Design place the hands in the exact position of Moe Norman

- Accommodates both overlapping and 10 finger hand position

- Markings and Texture indicate the correct “pressure points” in the hands
Shape and Design position the hands correctly to help you learn to hinge them correctly; which is the foundation of the golf swing and a key to producing clubhead speed. The resulting increase in clubhead speed equates to a greater distance.

- Grip and Club are specially weighted to allow you to hit balls during your practice.

- The equipment is “Transitional”, allowing you to easily move from the training club to your clubs.

- When gripped, the Training Club is the same length as a standard 6 iron. The Training Club is available in Right and Left-handed models.

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Feeling of Greatness Training Club