Sandy Andy

Sandy Andy

Are you like Moe and not like the sand? Watch as Tim Graves, PGA demonstrates the Sandy Andy, Moe's go-to club in the bunker, and shows you how easy it can be. Tame this wild part of your game. Get a Sandy Andy. Make the bunkers your friend.

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Sandy Andy
  • Bunker Shots with Moe Norman's Sandy Andy Wedge

    Tim Graves, PGA talks about Moe Norman’s Sandy Andy Wedge.
    Unable and unwilling to put the required ‘slice’ swing on a shot out of a bunker that was required from traditionally built clubs, Moe Norman couldn’t get out of bunkers very well. That is until he found his beloved Sandy Andy Wedge. Cli...

  • The Sandy Andy Wedge Fundamentals

    Do you struggle with greenside bunker shots?

    Learn how to hit bunker shots the same way Moe Norman did with his trusted Sandy Andy.