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Quick Tips - Walk ins

Full Swing • 2m 27s

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  • Quick Tip - Hip Tip

    You asked for it, you got it. This time around, Todd Graves will be tapping into his own personal training, and explain something he has been working on as of late. Golf is a rotational sport, meaning that the separation of the hips and shoulders (in opposite direction as to produce torque) is ab...

  • Quick Tip - Wrist Position

    In golf, the wrist is arguably the most critical structural point of the body. Think about how often one might see a wrist injury end the career of a golfer. While we are not here to discuss that sort of thing today, it does go to show that your wrists are important, especially from a mechanical ...

  • Quick tip - Spin on the Face

    It's no secret that your club generates spin on the ball, and that this spin is instrumental in your game. From better ball flight to stopping on the green better, there isn't any part of your game that isn't affected by the spin your club puts on the ball. So, why wouldn't you want to learn how ...