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Quick tip - Spin on the Face

Full Swing • 4m 13s

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    The Single Plane Swing has many signature hallmarks. One of which is the side tilt, but what exactly does that tilt do for your swing? Turns out, the side tilt is the very beginning of getting yourself properly set up to swing, and unlocks that consistency so many of us are looking for in our gol...

  • Quick Tip - Trail Hand Angle

    We've talked about grip pressure before, but now it's time to examine the actual dynamics that come along with how you grip your club. Between proper grip pressure, proper grip structure, proper arm position, etc, it is possible to become incredibly consistent with your swing. This, naturally, le...

  • Quick Tip - Trail Hand

    One of the most unique things about the Single Plane Swing is the consistency of the angles involved. We have covered what your lead side should be doing in your swing, but how about your trail hand? Tune in as Todd Graves explains the dynamic and roles of your trail hand in your swing, and how m...