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Quick Tips - Stay Within Yourself

Full Swing • 1m 50s

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    Here at Graves Golf, we know just how important stance width is. Today, we look into the proper stance widths for your hybrids, with the aid of our Alignment & Ball Position Trainer. Your stance width is part of your address, which along with your grip, forms the foundation of your Single Plane S...

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    A symbiotic relationship is defined by Merriam-Webster as being "a cooperative relationship as between two persons or groups."As we have extensively covered in our Power Generation Masterclass, the lower body and upper body work in tandem to generate power. Keeping that in mind, the name of this ...

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    Over the course of the past few Single Plane Quick Tips that have been hosted by Todd Graves, he has been talking about the body, and its relationship to power generation. Today, he delves into stability, and how a stable lower body helps your upper body generate more power. These topics have bee...