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Quick Tip - Distance Guidelines

Full Swing • 3m 32s

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  • Quick Tip - Feeling the Lag

    When it comes to your swing mechanics, there are a lot of examples of cause and effect. In today's case, we discuss lag. To put it simply, lag is caused by your hands and arms hinging in your downswing, which results in the club head lagging behind, hence the name. Lag is visible, but it is very ...

  • Quikck Tip - Spatial Relationships

    One of the most important aspects of the Single Plane Swing is the space created from the golf ball. Proper mechanics and spacing will allow for consistent impact and straight trajectories. That being said, that spatial relationship must remain unchanged throughout the movements of the swing. Two...

  • Quick Tips - Plane the Chain

    When it comes to your Single Plane Swing, there are many different elements to keep in mind. Biomechanics, positions, setup, you know the drill. That being said, something that is easy to neglect when it comes to practicing is the idea of having constant fluid motion. Yes, stopping and feeling yo...