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Plane Talk Q&A—What triggers the takeaway

Full Swing • 1m 57s

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  • Single Plane Quick Fix—Hitting Fat Shots

    Todd Graves troubleshoots hitting fat shots (or hitting behind the golf ball) with a drill to shorten your backswing and focus on getting to your lead side in the downswing. He covers the commons faults and fixes of the lead knee movement to help you make solid impact with the golf ball.

  • Single Plane Quick Fix—Topping the Go...

    Todd Graves gives a Single Plane quick fix for topping the golf ball. He demonstrates his staggered feet drill with a driver to pre-set your flexed lead knee and prevent you from hanging back in the downswing.

  • Single Plane Quick Fix—Hooking the Go...

    Todd Graves troubleshoots hooking the golf ball with this quick fix. Todd uses an iron to explain why hooks are caused mainly by a strong grip and closed club face rather than swing path, and he helps you get your body in position with the necessary side bend to neutralize your lead hand grip, sq...