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Quick Tips - Feeling of Greatness Training Club pt.2

Full Swing • 2m 58s

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  • Quick Tips - Feeling of Greatness Tra...

    When it comes to your Single Plane Swing, your positions are incredibly important. Not only are the positions themselves important, but properly sequencing them is critical to the process. This sequence starts with grip and address, and as such, mastering this should be a major priority going for...

  • Quick Tips - Different Heights

    Every round of golf you play will require all sorts of different shots to handle different scenarios. Sometimes, you might need a shot to go low and quick, other times you might want it to go high and sit upon landing. How do you perform this consistently, though? Todd Graves is here to help, tal...

  • Quick Tip - Pelvic Position

    Your address position, and how you establish your position at address, are critical. The Single Plane Swing is the most natural way to swing a golf club, and as such, both your address and backswing will mirror that statement. Finding that ideal side tilt and pelvic position at address will allow...