Training Plans & Workshops

Dive deep into specific areas of your golf game with these intensive workshops

  • Single Plane Chipping Reset

    23 items

    A 4-week instructional program that will help you refocus your game and reset your chipping stroke. Focused on your chipping fundamentals and drills, the Chipping Reset can be completed as often as you need!

  • Single Plane Reset

    23 items

    The Single Plane Reset is a 30-day program designed to give you the most immersive Single Plane experience, take the guesswork out of what to practice, and help you find joy in your journey to becoming more consistent, playing golf longer – pain-free, gain & having more confidence and respect for...

  • Single Plane Putting Reset

    26 items

    A 4-week instructional program designed to help you refocus your game and reset your putting stroke. Focused around your putting fundamentals and drills, the Putting Reset can be completed as many times as you need!

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  • The Challenge with Tim Graves, PGA

    If you are ready to accept the challenge, click here to extend your Single Plane Academy and get the 3 FREE Training Aids

  • Single Plane Cause & Effect Workshop

    Discover the root cause of common swing faults with this in-depth training from Tim Graves, PGA, and Todd Graves. They pinpoint the most common reasons of inconsistency in the Single Plane Swing and Short Game.

    To receive personalized cause & effect analysis of your swing, become a member of th...

  • Winter Training Workshop

    14 items

    Tim Graves, PGA, demonstrates ways to train indoors with fundamentals and drills for the short game that also benefit your full swing—what he calls training Two Birds with One Stone

  • Single Plane Deal Breakers Workshop

    4 items

    Todd Graves and Trent White take a deep dive into two critical parts of Moe Norman's Single Plane golf swing—address and transition—what Todd considers to be Moe’s "deal-breakers" for solid and consistent ball-striking. These "deal breakers" help you make an on-plane backswing and produce maximum...

  • Improve Your Bunker Play Workshop

    19 items

    Tim Graves, PGA, gives the ultimate training to help you boost your sand saves. Topics include:
    -Technique with Traditional Wedges and the Moe Norman Sandy Andy
    -Three Drills for the Bunker
    -Escaping Various Lies
    -Playing Off Slopes
    -Hitting Different Heights and Distances
    -Chunk and Run Shot