The Moe Norman Archive

A collection of archival Moe Norman footage collected by Graves Golf over the past 20 years. Several of these videos are not publicly available and available only to Single Plane Academy students.

  • Moe & Todd Collection

    3 items

    Archival videos of Todd Graves with Moe Norman from Todd's personal collection

  • Moe Norman Feature on Golf Channel (1996)

    Golf Channel's story about Moe Norman in a 1996 broadcast, interviewing him about his professional career and showing Moe hitting golf balls.

  • ESPN Moe Norman Tribute - April 2005

    Watch April 10, 2005, ESPN Tribute video where Tiger Woods is asked about Moe Norman's ball striking.

  • Moe Norman: The King of Swing

    Moe Norman may be one of the greatest golfers who ever lived. But we'll never know for sure. Who was this world-class golfer who carried his own bag, who dressed and behaved so oddly?

    Moe Norman: The King of Swing is a 2001 documentary directed by Anne Pick that tells the story of Moe Norman an...

  • Pipeline Moe Norman