The 10 Percent Show

The 10 Percent Show

4 Seasons

Get in-depth Single Plane Full Swing and Short Game training geared toward more dedicated Single Plane Golfers "The 10 Percent". This live online training event is presented monthly to give Single Plane Academy Members private training with Master Instructors and receive more advanced coaching, plus stay in the loop on the latest exclusive benefits inside the Gold Membership.

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The 10 Percent Show
  • 2022 Virtual Holiday Bonanza - 10 Percent Show

    Episode 1

    Join Tim, Todd, Thomas and the entire team tomorrow night Wednesday, December 21st at 7pm CST for our Annual 10 Percent Show Virtual Holiday Bonanza.

  • November 2022 - Increase Driver Distance

    Episode 2

    During our November 2022 10 Percent Show, Todd Graves covers how you can increase distance with your driver over the winter.

  • 10 Percent Show - October 2022

    Episode 3

    In the October 2022 10 Percent Show, Tim and Todd Graves as they discuss how using the Swing Thing

  • August 2022 10 Percent Show

    Episode 4

    Check out the August 2022 10% Show with Tim Graves, PGA about Matching The Mental Model.

  • July 2022 10 Percent Show

    Episode 5


  • May 2022 - 10 Percent Show

    Episode 6

    Want to join the live chat: Go to

    If you want to take our Rate Your Change & Speed of Improvement Quiz, visit

  • The 10 Percent Show—March 2022—Members Q&A

    Episode 7

    Join Tim Graves, PGA, and Brock Elmore for the 10 Percent Show. This month is a question and answers session. We get questions every day at Graves Golf, and Tim and Brock cover various topics of the full swing, short game and putting in this episode.

  • The 10 Percent Show February 2022—Full Swing Cause & Effect Q&A

    Episode 8

    Join Todd Graves live tonight, February 10th at 7pm CST for our monthly 10 Percent Show. In this month's show, Tim Graves will demonstrate his on-course flexibility routine to maximize speed and distance, Brock has a great short game drill, and Todd will answer questions about the full swing fro...

  • The 10 Percent Show January 2022—Indoor Training & Flexibility

    Episode 9

    This January 2022 10 Percent Show, Tim Graves, PGA, and Brock Elmore discuss the new Callaway Rogue ST driver, indoor winter training exercises, including how to increase shoulder flexibility, keeping your clubface square by focusing on your grooves, and training acceleration.

    Q&A included check...