Single Plane Fit

Single Plane Fit

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Single Plane Fit
  • Getting "Single Plane Fit" (Club Fitting)

    Work with Tim Graves, PGA and James Bell as they explain our fitting methodology and why all the clubs in your bag must be fit to and your Single Plane Swing. They will walk you through your bag
    and discuss fitting, components, and what should be in your bag.

  • Epic Super Hybrid with Tim Graves & Dave Neville

    Tim Graves, PGA and Dave Neville from Callaway Golf discuss the newest hybrid offering from Callaway. David explains why this Epic Hybrid is described as a hybrid with the DNA of a driver and why this is revolutionary and a "must-have."

  • Odyssey Ten Series Putters - Tim Graves & Sean Toulon

    Sean Toulon, the creative mind behind Odyssey Putters talks with Tim Graves about moment of inertia (MOI) and forgiveness. Why is this putter the most forgiving putter ever made and why everyone should be playing a mallet type putter.

  • Apex 21 Irons Family—Tim Graves with Dave Neville from Callaway Golf

    During our latest visit to Callaway Golf, Tim Graves, PGA talks with Dave Neville about the newest forged iron family. See the new APEX 21 family from the super game improvement DCB to the Apex Pro. We all love the feeling and performance of a Forged iron. Which one is right for you? We have ...

  • JAWS Full Toe Wedge with Tim Graves & Dave Neville

    Tim Graves, PGA and Dave Neville discuss the newest wedge from Callaway Golf, the Full Toe. Why the change, how much better this "spin machine" is, and how it will elevate your short game.

  • Head to Head—Jaws Full Toe vs Jaws MD5 Wedges

    Callaway Master Professional + Club Fitter, Tim Graves, PGA dives into the key details and compares the Jaws Full Toe Wedge to the Jaws MD5 Wedge.

  • Callaway Moe Norman Signature Wedges (MD3) 2019 - Tim Graves & Roger Cleveland

    We’ve launched the production of a Moe Norman Signature wedge line, produced for us by Callaway and designed by Roger Cleveland, whose name is as important to wedge design as Moe Norman’s is to ball striking prowess.

    Sporting a Moe Norman etched autograph, these Callaway wedges are designed with...

  • Callaway Trade-in-Trade-up Process

    Buying new clubs after getting your Single Plane Fit? Follow along with James Bell as he leads you through the Callaway Golf Trade In Trade Up process. See how simple this can be and maximize the value of your old equipment.