Short Game Solution

Short Game Solution

Take a look at a few of the short game secrets you’ll discover in the Short Game Solution…

- 3 fundamentals of great putting most recreational golfers screw up. (The first one guarantees you’ll tap the ball square. The second one makes sure the ball travels in the right direction. The third leads the ball straight into the cup.)
- Why your putting grip is different than your swinging grip… and… how to make sure you don’t confuse the two.
- Two ways to grip a putter… plus… how to tell which one is best for you.
- The correct way to position your feet when you set up to putt. (Get this wrong and the ball has no choice but to roll away from the cup.)
- Only these parts of your body should move during a putting stroke… otherwise… you’ll miss the long putts and embarrass yourself on the gimme putts that should go in but won’t.
- Three different size putters you’ll be using and the advantages and disadvantages of each.
- What you can and can’t control during a putting motion.

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Short Game Solution
  • Putting Facts

    Do you know the quickest way to lower your handicap? Check out these putting facts to change up your game.

  • Short Putter Fundamentals

    Learn how to grip, setup and create the best stroke or path with a short putter.

  • Belly Putter Fundamentals

    Learn the ideal grip and setup for a belly putter to create the perfect stroke.

  • Long Putter Fundamentals

    Tim Graves walks you through the ideal technique to use for a long putter.

  • String Drill

    Learn how to master the 3 Factors of Putting with the string drill.

    The 3 Factors of Putting are Face, Path, and Speed.

  • Putter Face Alignment

    Learn how to practice proper putter face alignment when playing on the course.

    Trust The T

  • Putting Speed

    Discover the "Miss Zone" and learn why your speed must hit this specific area.

  • Reading Greens

    Learn how to read the line with the correct speed.

    Tim Graves shows the water technique to green reading.

  • Speed Drill

    80% of short putts don't go in.

    Learn how to master green speed and hit your "Miss Zone"

  • Definition of a Chip

    Understand the facts of chipping and learn the definition of a chip.

  • Chipping Fundamentals

    Learn the correct grip and set up for chipping.

    Tim Graves covers ball position, foot position and body posture for a proper chip.

  • Chipping Checkpoints

    Learn the proper checkpoints for chipping and understand what your finish position should look like.

  • Pitching Fundamentals

    Dave Predzin explains the difference between chipping and pitching and shows when you need to use a pitch.

    Understand the proper grip and set up to achieve 80% fly and 20% roll.

  • Pitching Checkpoints

    Learn the checkpoints and fundamental concepts for the perfect pitching motion.

  • Greenside Bunker

    Learn how to get the ball out of the bunker, onto the green and close to the hole.

    Tim Graves walks you through the fundamentals of a proper bunker shot with a conventional wedge.

  • The Sandy Andy Wedge Fundamentals

    Do you struggle with greenside bunker shots?

    Learn how to hit bunker shots the same way Moe Norman did with his trusted Sandy Andy.