Inside Single Plane Swing

Inside Single Plane Swing

Inside the Single Plane Swing is a groundbreaking approach to help you SEE and FEEL Moe Norman’s Single Plane Golf Swing. Taking a holistic and multi-sensory approach, Inside the Single Plane Swing gives you insight into exactly what you should be visualizing and feeling throughout the entire Single Plane Swing motion.

Through the power of technology and Point of View (POV) video, Todd Graves takes you “inside” to learn what your feet, legs, hips, arms and hands should feel like at address, in the backswing, in transition and ultimately at impact and release.

By understanding the Single Plane Swing from the “inside,” you can practice visualizations, perspectives and approaches to create your own biomechanical feeling of the Single Plane Swing.

Most importantly, you can learn what Moe Norman called, the “Feeling of Greatness.”

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Inside Single Plane Swing
  • Inside Single Plane Solution

    Ever wondered what it would be like to see what a professional golfer sees while teeing off or playing a round, from their perspective? What if you could stand “inside “ their swing and experience it?

    More specifically, what if you could stand “inside” the swing of Moe Norman, golf’s greatest ba...