Featured Events

  • 10 Percent Show - May 2023

  • The Challenge - May 2023

    To download and print tonight's pdf workbook, go to https://gravesgolf.com/thechallengeworkbook

  • Plane Talk with Graves Golf - May 2023

  • April 2023 10 Percent Show

    Join Tim Graves, PGA for our April 2023 10 Percent Show. If you want to join the chat go to https://gravesgolf.com/10-percent-show/

    To purchase an SC4 launch monitor, go to https://gravesgolf.com/SC4

    If you want to sign up today for Elite Coaching, email Thomas at [email protected]

  • April 2023 Plane Talk with Graves Golf

    Join Todd Graves on Thursday, and he will share exactly how to become unbeatable in 2023.

  • Chipping Workshop

    6 items

    Join us for our Chipping Workshop, where Tim Graves, PGA, will help you through drills and tools that will make your chipping game work for you and help you lower scores round after round!

  • 10 Percent Show - March 2023

    Cutting Your Handicap in Half Part 3 - Taking it to the Next Level
    Here is the link to the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Golf Ball Special: https://ggamarketing.infusionsoft.app/app/orderForms/Callaway-Chrome-Soft-Buy-3-Get-1-Free-Promo

  • March 2023 Plane Talk with Graves Golf

  • Mind of Moe Masterclass

    28 items

    This class will guide you through implementing a strong process of controlling your mindset during the round to improve consistency in your golf game. You will finally:

    - Understand how to manage Negative Emotions and Situations during a round
    - Achieve TOTAL CONCENTRATION regardless of what dis...

  • The Story of Graves Golf: Two Brothers' Mission to Simplify Golf

    Graves Golf was started in 2000 by Todd and Tim Graves. Graves Golf has produced golf schools, a line of instructional videos, an online Coaching program, training aids, and a proprietary club fitting system – with the sole purpose of instructing a golfer to match the Moe Norman Single Plane Swin...

  • New to the Single Plane Swing?

    Are you new to the Single Plane Swing? Check out this video and learn more about Moe Norman and the Single Plane Swing.