Featured Events

  • Plane Talk with Graves Golf - November 2022

    Tonight is ALL ABOUT THE DRIVER with Todd Graves. Join us at 7pm CST for Plane Talk with Graves Golf.

  • November 2022 - Increase Driver Distance

    During our November 2022 10 Percent Show, Todd Graves covers how you can increase distance with your driver over the winter.

  • Mind of Moe Masterclass

    26 items

    This class will guide you through implementing a strong process of controlling your mindset during the round to improve consistency in your golf game. You will finally:

    - Understand how to manage Negative Emotions and Situations during a round
    - Achieve TOTAL CONCENTRATION regardless of what dis...

  • October 2022 - Path to Single Plane Success

    The Path to Single Plane Success consists of 6 steps. In the October 2022 Plane Talk with Graves Golf, Tim Graves, PGA teaches you how you can move up the path to mastering the Single Plane Swing.

  • The Story of Graves Golf: Two Brothers' Mission to Simplify Golf

    Graves Golf was started in 2000 by Todd and Tim Graves. Graves Golf has produced golf schools, a line of instructional videos, an online Coaching program, training aids, and a proprietary club fitting system – with the sole purpose of instructing a golfer to match the Moe Norman Single Plane Swin...

  • New to the Single Plane Swing?

    Are you new to the Single Plane Swing? Check out this video and learn more about Moe Norman and the Single Plane Swing.