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  • May 2022 Plane Talk with Graves Golf

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  • May 2022 - 10 Percent Show

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  • Plane Talk with Graves Golf - April 2022

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  • Plane Talk—March 2022—Moe Norman's Club-to-Body Relationship

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    Todd Graves highlights the importance of the...

  • The 10 Percent Show—March 2022—Members Q&A

    Join Tim Graves, PGA, and Brock Elmore for the 10 Percent Show. This month is a question and answers session. We get questions every day at Graves Golf, and Tim and Brock cover various topics of the full swing, short game and putting in this episode.

  • Weekly Coaching Videos

    2 seasons

    Take your Single Plane golf game to the next level and become the 10% of golfers who improve with this advanced weekly training series from Graves Golf coaches.

  • Online Homeschool 2.0

    Tim Graves, PGA, present our Online Homeschool 2.0, covering the "accelerators" that help you fast-track your progress to becoming a complete Single Plane 360 Golfer. This training includes how to avoid common faults when using Single Plane training aids, ensuring your clubs are Single Plane Fit,...

  • New to the Single Plane Swing?

    Are you new to the Single Plane Swing? Check out this video and learn more about Moe Norman and the Single Plane Swing.

  • Feeling of Greatness Training Club

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    As your hold on the club is the foundation of your golf swing, mastering your grip is a vital milestone on the “Path to Golf ...