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  • May 2024 Plane Talk

    May 2024 Plane Talk

  • May 10 Percent Show

    May 10 Percent Show

  • Lock-N-Roll Guides

    9 items

    A comprehensive guide of what to expect when your Lock-N-Roll Putter is delivered, and other tips.

  • The Solution with Tim Graves

    To purchase a Lock-n-Roll Putter, go to https://gravesgolf.com/locknroll and use promo code LNR100

  • Taking On Oak Tree National (Holes 11 and 13)

    Oak Tree National is a notoriously difficult course, that played host to the 1988 PGA Championship. It is also the home course of Todd and Tim Graves, so there is plenty of advice to go around. That being said, there is always a thing or two to take from one course to another, so tune in as Tim G...

  • Mind of Moe Masterclass

    28 items

    This class will guide you through implementing a strong process of controlling your mindset during the round to improve consistency in your golf game. You will finally:

    - Understand how to manage Negative Emotions and Situations during a round
    - Achieve TOTAL CONCENTRATION regardless of what dis...

  • The Story of Graves Golf: Two Brothers' Mission to Simplify Golf

    Graves Golf was started in 2000 by Todd and Tim Graves. Graves Golf has produced golf schools, a line of instructional videos, an online Coaching program, training aids, and a proprietary club fitting system – with the sole purpose of instructing a golfer to match the Moe Norman Single Plane Swin...

  • New to the Single Plane Swing?

    Are you new to the Single Plane Swing? Check out this video and learn more about Moe Norman and the Single Plane Swing.