Best of YouTube

Best of YouTube

Collections of the most popular videos on the Graves Golf and Todd Graves YouTube channels. Now you can have all of your go-to training videos in one place—Graves Golf On-Demand.

Best of YouTube
  • Moe Norman Was Lead-Sided

    Moe Norman had a lot of quirks, so naturally, his swing did too. That being said, a lot of golfers of all types of swing have one thing in common, that being the relation of the club to body. Specifically, Moe's Impact was lead-sided, and this mirrors virtually all of the golfing world, so what's...

  • Taking On Oak Tree National (Holes 11 and 13)

    Oak Tree National is a notoriously difficult course, that played host to the 1988 PGA Championship. It is also the home course of Todd and Tim Graves, so there is plenty of advice to go around. That being said, there is always a thing or two to take from one course to another, so tune in as Tim G...

  • Is There an Easier Way to Play Golf?

    Todd Graves' story of finding an easier way to play golf. If you are interested in learning a better way, subscribe to Todd's channel or visit

  • On-Range Coaching Sessions

    9 items

    Tim Graves and Todd Graves give on-range instruction in this series with fellow Single Plane coaches or Single Plane golfers learning directly from the masters

  • Common Faults & Fixes in the Single Plane Swing

    6 items

    Todd Graves gives tips on how to fix the common faults he sees from Single Plane golfers

  • Tim's Short Game Challenges

    4 items

    Gamify your short game practice with challenges from Tim Graves, PGA

  • Moe Norman and Bryson DeChambeau

    4 items

    Todd Graves compares the Single Plane Swings and short game of Moe Norman and Bryson DeChambeau

  • Build a 365-Day Single Plane Swing

    6 items

    Todd Graves steps into the hitting bay and guides you through the process of mastering the positions of Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing—what Moe called his consistent 365-day-a-year swing.

  • Declassified: Moe Norman Swing Secrets

    4 items

    Todd Graves investigates the unique aspects Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing

  • Debunking the Myths of Moe Norman

    2 items

    Todd Graves sets the record straight about some of the misconceptions of Moe Norman's Single Plane Swing